Friday, January 2, 2009

Why does the Church Ordain Married Anglican Priests?

Dear Father Henry,

I sympathize with you for loosing your place in the church even though you had spent half of your life serving them. But I wanted to tell you that the Vatican has recently been accepting married Anglicans [so far over 400 converts were ordained as Roman Catholic priests]. Now that you are married, perhaps you can try to convert to an Anglican, became a minister and then convert again to Catholicism and ask to become a priest again?

Henry's response:

Thank you for your email.

Yes, I am aware of the many Anglican and other married pastors who have been allowed to become ordained Catholic priests. But, do you see the absurdity of that? It is irrational to allow these married men to become ordained Catholic priests when thousands of Catholic priests who have married are not allowed to continue in ministry. I no longer have any desire to be part of a church that propagates such injustice.

Is there is anyone who can logically explain why the Church ordains married men from other denominations but refuses to ordain married Roman Catholic men to the priesthood?